When first starting law school at lot of people may have a glamorized or confused idea of what working as a lawyer is really about, an although they learn a lot about what it is really like while studying they will only get a real sense of what it entails when they join the world of work. When graduating from law school I had a choice of options as to the type of injury lawyer I wanted to become for example a general practitioner, criminal defence lawyer or crown prosecutor, but during the first few week of doing my articling I decided to be a civil litigator, debating civil cases within the court. Anyone who had crossed horns with me wasn’t surprised!

Once I had made up my mind, I knew I wanted to specialise in personal injury law, helping the injured not the big corporations. While doing my articling I got a real taste of how the court process worked and how good it felt to be able to truly help others. As the years passed and I attended many conferences and trials I became more and more interested and excited by my chosen subject. Others may not agree but if find it absolutely fascinating and worthwhile.vancouver personal injury lawyer

There are many positive aspects to working as a Vancouver BC Injury Lawyer, medical records can be very interesting and you learn a lot. Many of my clients receive expert medical help as a result of some cases, it is rewarding to know you have played a role in someone recovery. I help improve peoples quality of life and ensure they receive fair treatment when they have been let down as a result of my settlements. If a case goes the whole way through the court system and we get the right result it is an amazing feeling

The main reason I love my chosen profession is I know I create a little fairness in an unjust world. Being able to help someone who would have otherwise been ignored by the system is really rewarding. I get to meet some amazing people and maybe change a few lives everyday which I love!